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We have had many campers staying with us who showed interest in the bird life on our property. People collect their names and have provided us with awesome photography. We would like to build on this ever increasing interest and encourage all our campers to provide us with the names of birds that they spot. This is why we created a list of birds that we have discovered up to November 2020. We are happy to give you a copy and you can see if you find the birds on the list or if you can add any species. We would love to know all the birds who live right here in our backyard. We are up to 48 at the moment, and these are just some of them:

- Masked Lapwing                            

- Brahminy Kite

- Lorikeet - Rainbow

- Fairy Wren - Red Backed

- Radjah Shelduck

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9 Radjah Shelduck.JPG

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