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the ole gumtree - traveller's rest 1770

My wife Michi and myself were keen to create a relaxing space for Traveller’s to stay, whilst being surrounded by beautiful Bushland and native wildlife, as well as being near the beach. Agnes Water is the perfect place for our family to live our dream and to share this with visitors to the area.

Years of experience at managing a Bush camp in the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory and presenting interpretive programs to visitors, initially sparked the idea of creating our own well-maintained and inviting campground and the offer of a well-researched slideshow.  Our interpretive program focuses on the history, culture, local flora and fauna, sights as well as environmental issues and sustainable practices that are promoted within Agnes Water/1770. “The Ole Gumtree – Traveller’s Rest” is situated within a five-minute drive to Agnes Water with it’s beautiful Surf Beach, as well as fifteen minutes drive from Captain Cook’s famous landing spot in the Town of Seventeen Seventy.

The Family run, affordable nature-based campground is situated on the main road for easy access and is close to the Gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, as well as several National Parks, such as Eurimbula and Deepwater. We love being part of the Discovery Coast Tourism Industry, as the beauty of this area speaks for itself and is easily promoted. Presenting an informative slideshow, the only one in this area, offers diversity for traveller’s and assists in increasing the number of visitors to the Discovery Coast. Advertising for local businesses is done without saying, as it is vital to have each other’s back in a small community like Agnes Water, as everyone depends on each other’s recommendation.

We have great services and attractions on the Discovery Coast, making every

Traveller’s holiday an unforgettable one. Our nature-based campground has ample shaded sites, a small dam,

 as well as well-maintained facilities. We welcome Traveller’s from all over the world, as well as visitors who want

to explore their own back yard.  It doesn’t matter if you like to fish, go surfing, hang out at the beach, learn more

about the area or enjoy one of the spectacular and well-known sunsets in 1770, “The Ole Gumtree-Traveller’s Rest”

is your starting point for a great experience on the Discovery Coast!

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2143 Round Hill Road

Agnes Water 4677




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PHONE: 07) 4974 9185

EMAIL: theolegumtree@gmail.com


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