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Why not enjoy a relaxing stroll through our native Bushland? You may even spot one of the many species of birds, reptiles and macropods that live within the diverse eco-systems in and around a Variety of trees and bushes, seasonal water ways and rocky outcrops.

Starting from the campground, you will access the walk via  "Banksia Avenue" taking in the ever changing flora of our beautiful property. Continuing on, you will walk through the Eucalyptus, Acacia and Grevilia woodlands through the Paperrbark/tee tree wetlands,  which indicate seasonally inundated plains and swamps. You will come to a beautiful shaded picnic area along the way, so don't forget to bring a snack and a picnic blanket, so you are able to take in all the sounds and smells of this unique scenery. Meandering on, you will follow the "Grass Tree Track". Grass Trees (Xanthorrhoea) survive  in the poorest soils, with a shallow root system, enabling it easily access nutrients from decaying litter, while storing all the food reserves in its stem. Whilst on this track you pass the "Lake's District" (seasonal) before you turn left onto "Fire Break Boulevard". This straight path, bordering Eurimbula National Park will lead you back to the camping ground. 

The walk is approximately 1.5 km return and should take on average 45 minutes.



This short walk leads you around our dam. You can enjoy a cool glass of wine or a warm cup of tea overlooking the lily pad dam and taking in this natural oasis. It's a beautiful place to just watch the sun go down through the top of the trees or see Radjah Shell ducks going for their daily swim.